*NEW* Wet N Wild Goth-O-Graphic Highlighting Powders!


I have officially fallen in love. Wet N Wild has recently released the most amazingly cute collection EVER (in my opinion), called Goth-O-Graphic. Normally, I am not too impressed with limited edition releases, but I had to get my hands on these products because of the packaging, let’s be honest. Before I even watched any reviews, I placed an order, which included the two highlights above, White Raven (left) and Purple Ashes (right). These retail for $4.99 a piece on the Wet N Wild website, and first time email subscribers get 10% off! (I have heard of some people finding these products in Walgreens as well as Rite Aid, but I wanted to make sure I got my hands on them, which is why I ordered directly.)

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This was the first time I had tried any highlighting products from Wet N Wild, and I was NOT disappointed! Let’s start with White Raven. 


White Raven is a frosty white with pink/purple shift. I have noticed that this can even look almost blue. 


Next we have Purple Ashes. This shade appears to have more glitter in it and is much more pink. The strange thing with this shade is that on the face, it is not as dramatic or pigmented as White Raven.


Out of the two, I would definitely choose White Raven as my favorite. There is really no comparison. 

I highly recommend picking these up if you can! They are definitely worth the money. 
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I am obsessed with lip products. I often find myself not straying too far from the all too familiar nude lip, until recently. I have fallen in love with all things glitter and vampy, and Lique does not disappoint!
Who is Lique? This company was created by Ashley O’Rourke in hopes of empowering women everywhere. The best part? The price range! This line is super affordable, and can even be found at Kohl’s. Lique has an amazing array of great products, but today I want to focus on my personal favorites, the first being Mermaid.



Mermaid is a lip and eye effect powder with a gorgeous pink/purple shift. I love popping this in the center of my lips for a dramatic effect, as well as used on the eye lid. $8.00 here!


Next up is Angel Lip Topper, which can be found here for only $12.00. This sparkly, iridescent gloss is perfect applied over dark lipsticks, or even on bare lips for a gorgeous shine.


I can’t talk about this brand without mentioning their lipstick formula. Pictured above is Fetish ($14.00 here) This deep, vampy purple is the perfect Fall shade, and can be worn without lip liner! Lique lipsticks are smooth, creamy, and definitely opaque.

Check out their full line here! Let me know if you have used this line below, and leave a comment with a brand I should check out!


My Favorite Indie Glitter

My life has been forever changed since I’ve entered the world of pressed glitters. I’ve been wary of Instagram brands for some time (due to personal experiences), but Dear Katie Brown has definitely changed my opinion. The owner, Katie, took the time to put all my fears aside and explain her products (in detail – I can be super annoying) to me before I placed my first order. 

When my order arrived, I did not hesitate to swatch and play! I was so surprised at how easily these applied to my eyes, and the staying power is amazing. I have virtually no fallout, and these stay glittery all day. Dear Katie Brown has shades that will suit everyone, but I specifically wanted to highlight my top three today! Keep reading to find out which shades made the list!

Let’s start with Artax. Ever since this shade was released, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! In the pan, this glitter has a teal/blue base with silver, green, and even purple shifts. Described as a “unicorn in the form of a pressed glitter” (website description), this is my all-time favorite shade. If you can, pick it up NOW!

BLOG2Next on the list is Adore. Adore is one of those shades that I wear with everything, no matter what shadows I have on. This pale pink/silver glitter is perfect paired with warm and cool toned shadows.


Last, but certainly not least, is Jasmine. You can get this gorgeous shade as part of the Extra Collection. Jasmine is the most beautiful iridescent/white shade of glitter I’ve ever owned, and is by far my most worn shade. I love to use this on my entire lid as part of a cut crease, as a brow bone highlight, and in the corners of my eyes for an added pop.

All of these shades can be purchased at dearkatiebrown AND you can save $$$ with my code fueled10 at checkout (not an affiliate code). Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you create fun glitter looks!