Fast, Easy Resistance Band Workout!

Resistance bands are my absolute favorite at-home workout equipment. There are so many different ways to utilize them, and I am going to show you my favorite moves to really feel the burn and get a little cardio in as well!

Before we begin, I want to start with a tip. When I first started using bands, I bought the ones pictured below. I DO NOT SUGGEST THESE KINDS! These rubber kinds have a bad habit of rolling, bunching, snapping, and just being super annoying while trying to workout.

I discovered these resistance bands pictured below and HIGHLY suggest them! They are very affordable and come in a nice little bag for easy storage. The material is super thick, and they do not budge while working out!

One more tip before we begin. Certain moves are better suited for less resistance, such as the deadlifts. This will allow for more range of motion, but it does not mean you will get less of a workout!

Keep reading for each move’s explanation! Repeat this entire circut as many times as desired. I try to aim for 2-3 times, depending how sore I am!

Lateral Step-Out Squat

Begin standing with your resistance band wrapped around your calves. Step out to one side, about shoulder width apart, and squat down. Return to starting position and step out to the other side. Return to starting and repeat for 60 seconds, alternating directions.


Begin standing shoulder width apart with your resistance band looped around your feet. Hinge at the hips keeping a slight bend in your knees and grab the band with both hands. Stand straight up while holding the resistance band. Slowly lower back down and repeat for 60 seconds.

Cross Body Row

Begin by standing. Wrap your resistance band around the foot of your choice (you will be switching sides after this set). Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. With the opposite hand, reach for the resistance band and pull it across your body. Slowly lower back to starting position and continue for 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.


Lie on one side (you will switch sides after this set). Wrap your resistance band around your thighs. Prop your upper body up on your arm closest to the floor. Steady yourself with your other hand if necessary. Bend your legs so your knees are facing forward and your feet are lined up with your butt. Lift your top knee toward the ceiling while keeping the bottom leg still (DO NOT LIFT HIPS). Hips should remain on the floor. Repeat for 30 seconds each side.

Banded Glute Bridge

Place your resistance band around your thighs and lay on your back. Your knees should be bent with your feet firmly on the floor. Allow your legs to sit at about shoulder width (do not place your knees/legs touching each other). Your arms should be rested by your sides. Slowly push off the floor with your feet, lifting your butt and thighs up toward the ceiling. Slowly release and bring back to the floor. Repeat for 60 seconds. For more of a workout, be sure to tense your butt and thighs as you’re lifting!

Single Leg Row

Begin by standing on one leg (you will switch legs for your second set). Your resistance band should be hooked around the foot you are standing on. Hinge at your hips with your other leg straight back behind you. Grab the resistance band with both hands and pull up so you feel your shoulder blades squeezing. Picture your elbows meeting at the top of your squeeze! Repeat this movement for 30 seconds before switching legs.

If you want to switch things up, try my kettlebell workout!

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