Non-Restrictive Eating Habits

Diet culture can be dangerous. I’ve fallen into the low-carb, low-calorie trap multiple times throughout my life, but it took me until this year to realize I don’t have to restrict like that! I finally allowed myself to stop meticulously counting calories and just eat healthy 85% of the time.

I’ve also started doing strength training and cardio at a 90/10 ratio, which has dramatically upped my calorie burning for the day (I use the Garmin Vivoactive watch to track this). For me, restricting myself to only eat certain foods makes me binge and become obsessive, and as someone with a horrible relationship with food, this is very dangerous! Something we all need to remember as well is our bodies change as we get older; we are never going to have the same body we had in our teen years, and we shouldn’t want to! I am not making this an excuse for myself for being overweight, but I am trying to be more accepting of these changes while I work to drop the excess weight.

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

I have until August for my dress fitting and October for my wedding! Ahhhhh….no pressure at all.


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