One Month Update

Though I’ve started this health journey many months ago, I only recently began to see real changes. I feel so much better and healthier, I am way more motivated than ever before, and my secret is simple. I stopped focusing on cardio and started doing strength training. Not only do I burn way more calories, I actually enjoy (and even look forward to) my workouts!

Here’s the deal, my weight hasn’t budged. I was very frustrated when I decided to weigh myself and quite frankly, I’m not going to weigh myself for some time. After I stepped off the scale, I decided to go to the gym. I took the picture on the left and after my workout, I compared it with the picture on the right. I was shocked at the changes I saw after only a month of medium exertion! My butt shrunk, but it is more toned, my thighs and calves are more toned, my stomach shrank a tad bit (I’ll take what I can get), my double chin is still up and kicking, but it did slightly shrink, and my back is slightly smaller!

All in all, of course I made more progress, but any progress is still a win in my books. I will make another post detailing everything I’ve done up to this point in hopes it will help at least one person. I highly suggest taking many many progress photos and avoid the scale at all costs! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and TikTok to keep up with my progress and join me on this journey!



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