Mental Health Check-In

This year and last have been extremely stressful for most people. Weight gain is inevitable. Between being stuck inside, stress, and never-ending TikTok recipes, it feels impossible to escape the Covid 20. Last year, I missed my college graduation because it fell right when Covid really shut everything down. I was super upset at first, but I’ve been able to get over it. I mean, a lot of high school seniors missed their graduations, and that is a much bigger milestone!

I’ve always struggled with losing weight, especially since my coping mechanism for my childhood/adolescent trauma was always food. It seems like my weight crept up on me out of nowhere (even though it was gained over the years). I was much smaller than I am now, and I still hated myself. I recently saw a video that said not to be upset about the food you ate in the past because it saved you from a potentially worse form of self-harm, to instead thank the food for saving you. This changed my mindset a LOT.

Though I still struggle with the urge to binge when I am upset, I have gotten better at recognizing my triggers and actively avoiding them.


I don’t weigh myself anymore. Every time I did in the past, I became obsessive and deeply upset if I gained even half a pound. Instead, I have been focusing on progress photos. My entire camera roll is filled with unflattering pictures of myself, but I am glad I have them because even over the last month, I have seen tremendous improvement in my body! I have my wedding dress fitting in August and I would like to feel more confident and happy with myself before then. As such, this month is all about focusing on my workouts. I am going to be pushing myself a little harder and avoiding unhealthy habits during the weekends. My wedding is in October, and I REALLY want to feel good about myself before then!

I want to create a comfortable space where we can all share our progress and feelings free of any judgment and negativity, so feel free to leave a comment with how you have been feeling! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@fueledbydebra) to see more of my day-to-day food and fitness habits.

I hope everyone has a great week!



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