A Beautiful Adventure

Nature is my favorite place to be. There is nothing I love more than finding new places to explore! a couple weeks ago, my fiancé and I found this lovely little spot hidden away off a main road. The entire trail is noted at 18 miles, but we obviously did not do the whole thing!

Finding this spot was fairly easy; our intention was actually just to come see the bridge. Once we parked, I noticed a small clearing with a few trees covering an old gate. There was a rusted sign explaining that there were 18 miles of road down the path. We agreed to go exploring and I am SO glad we did. Walking is great exercise, check out my post on the benefits of walking.

A couple of miles in, we found this gorgeous scenery. The best part was NO ONE was at this spot at all! It was so quiet and serene, and my dog enjoyed it as well. My fiancé and I agreed we are going to go on more of these adventures in the future. Not only is it a great mental escape, it is also great exercise! I ended up getting about 10,000 steps in for the day (I track my stats using the Garmin Vivoactive 4s).

Enjoy the beautiful scenery! If you want more ideas for workouts, check out my kettlebell workout here!

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